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Get rid of the devious process of copying your client’s orders from your site to your favorite shipping system with our most recent integration

We joined with one of New Zealand’s largest courier and freight aggregator to give our customers the best option to manage their ordering system, so they can improve their business performance when writing out customer’s orders by saving time in writing them down from their website directly to GoSweetSpot.

Many of the biggest and most important kiwi courier companies such as the recently re-branded Post Haste use the shipping system software of GoSweetSpot.

The integration that our Wix developers could achieve makes it now possible to save time, money, and handful processes.


Now, when your customers create the order you don’t have to copy it on the freight aggregator, but it will be automatically added to your business’s GoSweetSpot account!

  • Attractive courier and freight rates.

  • NO upfront costs or extra fees.

  • You are not required to pay for weight or space not being used, resulting in impressive savings.

  • A trustworthy and reliable service due to partnerships with major freight providers.

Our team of developers will only need a couple of hours to code this solution that will save you days of work!

How do we integrate Wix with GoSweetSpot?

In 2020, Wix launched Velo. This is an advanced platform that allows experienced developers to develop custom-designed code in order to create specific solutions for clients. As official Wix partners, we have access to Wix’s own API. This means we can code integrations with external software, as we’ve done with GoSweetSpot. We’re passionate about innovation and we are always on the lookout for ways to improve our clients’ lives. It was satisfying and exciting for us to work on this software, because we knew what a big time-saver it would be for the many small and medium businesses on Wix in NZ, desperate for GoSweetSpot to be integrated with Wix. We’re super-stoked with the result. Our clients who have started using it are telling us that it’s already a game-changer for them.

How does the workflow go?

The diagram below illustrates the workflow:

Shop on WIX

Order in WIX

API GoSweetSpot

Order stored on


Integration with GoSweetSpot

Send order

Your store

in WIX

WIX order

API GoSweetSpot

Code in the backend

use of secret manager

For every WIX order creates an order in GoSweetSpot

  • Receiver info from your buyer in eShip.

  • List of each product on the order.

  • Total weight of the order for shipping fees calculations


Yes please, integrate Wix with GoSweetSpot for me!

Contact us. We can install the integration into your Wix account directly. 

Most store setups only take about 3 hours from our developer to install.

Get in touch today for a quote or more info.

Do you need other shipping integrations with Wix?

We can create bespoke coding solutions for your website. Sometimes people need integrations with external systems like payment gateways, etc, or specific features that Wix doesn’t currently provide.

So, if Wix can’t provide what you need, talk to us, we are local NZ Wix partners/experts. We’ll most likely be able to code something for your needs. Book in for a first chat here add link and we’ll see what we can do to help.

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